How Exercising is Working For Me

Bicycle in meadow.

As I’ve mentioned, I’ve been biking a lot. I really gives me something to focus in on and it feels good to be constantly improving and able to push myself further. There are so many benefits from exercise for mental health it is insane. Biking has increases my confidence off the bike too, I’ve found that by becoming fitter, getting out more and riding out of my comfort zone(but within my limits!) has really given me a boost.

Biking is a low impact way to get into exercising too, you can pick up a bike on craigslist for almost nothing(free sometimes!) and with a bit of oil you’re away in no time. Just be sure not to ride in the rain unless you know what you’re doing! I was going down hill and the road water acted as lubricant for my brakes. That was pretty terrifying and I had to take a break from the bike for a few days after that. Other than that Biking has been great to build my confidence, I’ve had one nasty fall, but I found I was able to pick myself up and carry on, even if i needed a  few band-aids when I got home. After reading a Thomson Tee review, I decided to pick one up for myself, these have stopped me from sweating so much(or at least absorbed some) so now I’m riding to work on sunny(nearly every) days.

An update on my money situation. I’ve made my first investment! I bought into a Vangard S&P 500 fund and have a few notes going on Prosper. Excited to have them rolling over and growing for me, one tiny little bit less to worry about – it all counts people! They’re both set to auto invest and I will continue to contribute to them, to really get a little portfolio going. The thought of that excites me a little bit I have to admit(never thought I’d get giddy about something my parents told me never to care about!)

While things are looking up I can’t help but get a looming feeling of something bad happening soon. It has been a really good couple of months and there have even been days where I haven’t had the rushing feeling of a panic attack. This leaves me with a bit of anxiety for the future, but I have to keep telling myself it’ll be ok.

I still have those quotes I mentioned and they are a pillar of strength for me. I’d really like for you to read that post if you haven’t already.

Interested to hear how everything is going for anybody out there. Sometimes it feels like I’m yelling into the dark. Though, occasionally that’s just what everybody needs to do.



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